June 14, 2024
True Odds

Bookmakers always determine the true odds before the event and calculate their profit margins.

Before getting odds, you have to understand how the bookmakers are setting odds. Setting odds are quite a complicated process, but if you know the fundamentals, you can easily calculate the values of the odds. There are two essential aspects of betting: understanding the true odds and how bookmakers change their odds accordingly before the event.

This article will pen down a detailed description of how bookmakers determine betting odds.

Setting Odds

The initial step for any bookmaker is to set up the odds to determine the true possibilities of any outcomes occurring in an event. Here, the word “outcome” refers to any probable result the wagers have to payout. In the case of a football fixture, a home win, a draw, or an away win refers to a probable outcome. Moreover, to determine these true odds, certain factors are necessary. Bookmakers usually look into expert advice, statistical data, historical precedents, in-depth analysis, and the prior form of the team. All these factors will help a bookmaker set up the true odds for an outcome. 

How do Bookmakers Set Up their Odds

 Once the bookmakers set up their true odds of any outcome in an event, they will adjust their main odds before opening them to the gamblers. The method by which bookmakers determine odds is confusing and hard to understand.

This can be understood by a simple example, suppose 4/6, 6/4, and 4/1 are a set of odds. The relative probabilities of these odds are 60, 40, and 20%, respectively. Here is an interesting fact. The sum of the probabilities comes to 120%. Don’t worry about the number. If the wagers bet on the same proportions, the bookmakers will make a quick profit of 20%. This 20% refers to the bookmakers’ margin, vig or overround.    

Why do the Odds Change before an Event

There may be multiple reasons for changing odds before the event. Bookmakers can alter the odds value according to the event and the bets for that game. For great odds and excellent live casinos, do check out BetHap now.

Betting and Bookie’s Odds

As earlier mentioned, the margins on which bookmakers set up their odds are based on the proportion of wager’s bet to true odds of the event’s probable outcome. Now, if the wagers bet on far more than the expectation of a bookmaker’s odds, then the bookmaker will have to bear the payout charges known as liability charges.


The bookmakers always set up their odds to make a profit out of it, no matter what the outcome occurs in the event. Moreover, bookies always do their homework and research to determine the true odds of the event. One important thing you have to understand, the odds of the event will be based on true odds, but the odds will be downwardly adapted to ensure bookmakers’ margin. If the bet goes far away from the bookie’s expectation, the odds will be adjusted to provide a margin.

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