May 20, 2024
Popular Cricket Slot Games

Being a great admirer and fan of cricket, are you unable to gamble in the cricket slot games? Then, make sure to read this article about some of the best online cricket slot games.

The game of cricket is often called the Gentleman’s game as it was officially and for the very first time was played by some English gentlemen. Many top-rated online slot casinos offer cricket slot games for cricket fans.

Various domestic leagues are the main attraction of the gambling field at this stage. In this 21st century, everything has become digital, even sports gambling. People from all over the world tend to sit back at home and invest money for the desired club or league in which the process of money transaction is also safe and fast.

The Dominance of the Cricket Slot Games

In recent times, cricket slot games online have taken a huge shape in the gaming industry for the huge turnover rate from the gambling portion. They are the main attraction among the players rather than playing cricket games from various sites.

Top Five Cricket Slot Games Online

Here is the list of the top five online cricket slot games to enjoy and earn to the fullest to your extreme satisfaction.

  • Cricket Star Slot

From the house of Microgaming, it is one of the high-flying cricket slot games to enjoy. You get a 5-reel slot in the game with over 243 pay lines and a shocking RTP of 97%, which is relatively high from average. Bonus rounds, multipliers, and wild symbols are the game’s main attraction.

  • God of Cricket

It is the perfect game for the newbies and those who have just started their journey on the reels. With a cracking 5-reel slot and 25 fixed pay lines, it is one of the games to hold the highest regard. You get to win unique prizes, free spins, and more, along with some quality time in the game.

  • Premier League Cricket

From the ideas of the Indian Premier League, the game is a replica of real-time cricket. It is one of the most trending cricket games, with around 243 ways to win. It has a 5-reel grid and a thrilling prize gift to claim.

  • Lord’s Balcony

Coming from the house of Indi slots, it is one of the classiest games under this category. It is the most standard way of a slot game with 243 ways along with 5 reels’ slots. It has a very cheesy RTP rate of 96% and is one of the top games for payouts.  

  • Rush Cricket Live

Inspired by gaming, one of the top production is rush cricket live. It is one of the top games in the slot selection for cricket. It is a very volatile game, and thus the RTP rate is low and attracts fewer players.

In this world of online games, these few cricket slot games are ruling the world of casinos. These are the games with the most rate of payout and the only games with the most background use in gambling.

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