April 25, 2024
Poker games

Try these poker formats at dewaqq. Check out the top five poker versions you should try at least once in your career.

Let’s make a quick test. If you are a poker lover you should take it. To confirm how passionate you are. To see what your current level is.

Ok – how many games have you ever tried in your poker career? That’s it. End of the tests. We have no other questions, your honors of the big court in gambling world – the poker court. If you played only the exotic poker domino hybrid at dewaqq or for your whole life you have never stood out from your Omaha table, then, you immediately should reconsider your devotion.

Playing different poker formats will not confuse. As long as you don’t mix the tables at the same table there’s no risk for your concentration. Moreover – trying the different poker styles will definitely help you. You will, by all means, become more open-minded. You might learn some trick that’s fundamental and ok to be adopted in all poker format styles. You can even discover that your strength is not in video poker games, but in the Texas Hold Em tournaments.

Of course, the gambling world is too big to succeed in testing all the available poker formats nowadays. Speaking of poker concretely, it’s been a while since the game has moved to a next level. Only a couple of years ago designing new versions of poker wasn’t as popular as it used to be (and still is) in the other popular casino games like Baccarat, roulette and Blackjack. It seems that the players who love poker did not like that which is why today we can see dozens of various and hybrid poker versions.

And you don’t have to test them all to gain the benefits of this experience enrichment. It’s enough to try at least the following five poker games:

  1. Texas Hold Em. There’s nothing to say about this poker format. We all know it. There are even people who know only this poker game. Hence, there are also people who don’t like it and never try it. If you are one of them, correct your mistakes. There are plenty of things to learn from Texas poker.
  2. Omaha. We can copy everything we said about Texas Hold Em poker game here, too. Of course, the players who choose Omaha rather than Texas poker are less, which is why it’s more likely for you to start filling the gaps in your poker experience exactly with Omaha.
  3. 7-Card Stud poker. To tell you the truth, we don’t even know why so many people run away from this poker format. There are so many cool things about it – like the flexibility of the odds and the similarity with the rules from the previous top popular poker games.
  4. OFC poker. Never heard about it? It’s the popular Open-faces Chinese poker and it’s indeed, very popular in China, as well as among the Asian gambling audience. Like its name says it, this poker format allows you to see the other players’ cards.
  5. Video poker. Although it has nothing to do with poker, this is a way to make lots of money. The video poker hybrid includes the easiness of the slot games and the beloved themes of the poker table.

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