April 25, 2024
poker playing

Check out the poker tips an afapoker player with 5 years of experience in the field has for you. See what you should know about playing the game if you are a novice or on this player’s level of practice.

If you are looking for poker tips that come straight for experience and actual practice rather than from a book written by a punter who has never seated at a Texas Holdem Poker table, I am here with some good news. I want to mention right now, in the beginning of this material, that I have been playing poker in the internet for 5 years. My experience has met me with some of the biggest leaders in the sphere of online poker providers, but I have tried a lot of new and promising poker platforms like afapoker, too. As a result of these and mostly of my education, practice, mistakes, wins, successful strategies and losses I have registered I came up with one general conclusion.

This conclusion is fully related with what’s wrong and what’s beneficial for any poker player. I know, I’m an only 5-year old poker player, but if you are about to start your journey in this legendary card game, entrust my tips and tricks.

Here’s everything I learnt about playing poker in the internet for the last 5 years:

  1. Every time my mind is obsessed by any strong emotion – whether sadness, madness or anything else – I become a real poker failure. You will say that’s because of the negative thinking. No, it’s not. As a matter of fact. I have noticed that during some truly happy moments in my life, playing poker isn’t so successful at all, either.
  2. When you play poker in the internet, you don’t get the chance to pay attention at people’s gestures. But we are all living in the big myth that being a good poker is actually being a good human’s psychologist. How, though, to overcome the physical distance with our opponents when playing poker in an online platform? Just use my trick – compensate the lack of perspectives with more attention. Here’s how it works: if you cannot see the player’s cards that’s sitting next to you, try to guess them; if you cannot figure it out if someone’s bluffing, concentrate on the cards on the pot.
  3. Playing at too high limits is a bad idea. If I must be honest, during my first days in online poker world, I was kind of a winner in this practice. However, with time and with my struggle to change the poker environments, including switching from classical poker table to a real VIP tournament, I have found out that this strategy doesn’t work all the time. What’s worse is that when it doesn’t work, you lose more than you can lose with small limits.
  4. I have played almost all of poker formats you can think off. Do you know why? Because from the very beginning I had been trying to find out what my poker style is, as well as how much I can actually afford to invest in gambling. It doesn’t actually matter what I have finally chosen. It matters what you will chose.

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