May 20, 2024
good poker player

Discover the big difference between a good poker player and a pro. Find out what it takes for you as a decent player to reach a higher level that brings more cash and wins.

Doug Polk has been a poker player for a long time. But his activity in online gambling isn’t just a hobby he has been practicing for years. As a matter of fact, Polk has turned this game into his career field and currently in his 30s he earns as much as an average business owner earns from his regular sells. As a professional player Polk is by all means good in poker. But to win so much money and so many times per week – whether in a tournament, or a standard poker table in any of his favorite casino websites – he’s acting like a pro.

While we were thinking about his practice, we tried to understand what exactly separates the good poker player from a pro like Doug Polk. And here are a couple of conclusions we have ended up with during our research, of course related with Polk’s approach in poker.

  • The good poker player understand how crucial playing on a single table is especially while internet offers him the chance to increase the chances for a potential win with plenty of active poker tables at once. However, the pro is aware that too many active tables might mean too many destructive circumstances. Dough suggests up to 6 tables at once, but the optimal number is usually 4.
  • Same goes for the “working time” of the poker player. Good punters will invest more money of their leisure in playing the game. However, the real pro will analyze his most profitable hours within the day. It’s a consideration, though, every player should do on his own. Some people are more productive and fast-thinking in the morning, while others get focused and mobilized to earn some cash after midnight. Hence, playing an hour per day is definitely not enough to get as much as possible experience for your poker progress.
  • Having some other hobbies and activities apart from poker is essential. Actually, they are crucial not only for the pros, but for any player. Even the newbies in the field should avoid standing at the computer desk round the whole day without getting out for some fresh air. Every activity that turns into mania eventually leads to some serious mental negative consequences. And when it comes to gambling, they might be fatal. Doug claims to know a lot of amazing pros, who have though lost everything – not only their money, but even their normal life and friends. Not having pauses for some rest from poker leads to empty bank accounts and addiction. Filling the bank account takes time and efforts, but it’s realizable with motivation. Overcoming gambling addition might be a very serious thing to face.

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